Once in your heart, always on your mind.
Once in your heart, always on your mind.
Once in your heart, always on your mind.
Once in your heart, always on your mind.
Once in your heart, always on your mind.
Once in your heart, always on your mind.
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Rooms & Apartments

For Every Occasion


24/h reception service

Panoramic views

With special views of the western coast


Spa, sports, cooking lessons, we have it all

Peace and quiet...

In Ionianeon Apartments, you will find absolute peace and refuge from the noise of civilization. Built directly on an ancient vineyard, the accommodations offer the coveted serenity and relaxation.

Agritourist adventure!

Back to tradition

At Ionianeon Apartments you have the opportunity to participate actively in the agricultural and vinicultural activities of the traditional NIANE winery at ancient Oleni and to be inaugurated in the mysteries of wine. You can see for yourself the traditional cultivation of olive groves, the picking of olives and natural olive oil production ritual.

You can enjoy strolls in beautiful landscapes and listen to the adventures of Hero Heracles and the Centaurs in the ancient forest of Foloi or visit Ancient Olympia. You can also experience an off-road experience with people who know the place and archaeological sites that access is otherwise difficult.

In Ionianeon you can learn how to make the wine in a traditional way and participate in grape harvesting. You can learn old-fashioned winemaking techniques and try some of the world’s rarest wines!

At the end of autumn, we gather the olives and produce the olive oil in the same way as it has been for thousands of years. You can learn the art and secrets of oil manufacture by the people who know it better than everyone else!


300 days of sunshine

In Greece we have more than 300 days a year sunshine. Especially in the Ionian region, even the fiercely winter is less “hard” than the northern European spring. It is interesting to follow our regular posts in Ionianeon apartments Facebook page about the weather and the temperature in our region! The brilliant Greek sun and the blue sky will accompany your vacation at almost any time of year. The geography of the valley of Saint Elias (location of “Ionianeon” complex) allows in summer a cool afternoon breeze heading from the mountain of MT. Erymanthos to clear the summer heat and humidity, creating an ideal ambient climate for which this area is widely known since antiquity.

The splendid climatic conditions of the wider region have been known since antiquity. The sunny, blue sky, the lush landscape, the ancient vineyards and olive groves of Ilia and ancient Olympia, create a beautiful environment that can be welcomed all the time.

All seasons in the Southwest Peloponnese have to offer life experiences to the visitor.

In winter, the snowy ridges of the ancient mountains surrounding the valleys of Olympia and Ilida have facilities for all the winter sports and adventure that one may wish for. Forests and canyons known from historical times and stories that pass through the mouths and fireplaces of the hospitable mountain villages.

In the spring, the beautiful Greek nature is dressed in colors and decorated with flowers waiting to guide you to traditional festivals and landscapes of incredible beauty.

Greek summer is a real life experience. The eternal sea of the Ionian Sea with its vast beaches and sandy beaches is the most hospitable in the world. With a story that starts from the Homeric epics, it is seductive for the visitor. Besides, Greece lasts for almost seven months and gives the opportunity to enjoy people from all the geographical latitudes and widths of the world …

And as for the Fall, it’s a cool imagined extension of summer. The colors change and the weather sweeps. The afternoons are getting cooler and the mornings are still warm from the summer sun.

IONIANEON is an ideal holiday destination for the whole year.


This piece of land has a history of several thousand years and within 60 km from Ionianeon, you can visit some of the most important places of world historical, archaeological and cultural heritage.

Ancient Olympia: 38 km

Where the ancient Greeks discovered the athletic ideal and the Olympic spirit was born and that in the modern era was spread throughout the world!

Ancient Foloi Forest: 50 km

Where the famous hero Hercules fought with the Centaurs and made many of his famous feats. The oak forest of Foloi is characterized as the largest and southern of the world. His Age is calculated for more than 5000 years and the myths that have been woven in his clowns are fascinating.

Mycenaean Palaiokastro Cemetery: 60 kilometers

The oldest necromancy of the Hellenistic world and one of the oldest on the planet! With more than 250 tombs of the pre-Mycenaean period, it is a unique monument that is almost unknown to the general public!

Ancient Ilida: 30 km

The entire ancient city has been excavated and shows the greatness of art at the local museum that you can visit. It is the city-state that has organized the Olympic Games for more than a millennium,

Katakolo: 13 kilometers

Known resort and gateway to Greece from Europe.

Excellent beaches and restaurants with fresh fish and traditional Greek mezedes, Medieval castle and museum of ancient technology and engineering.

Pyrgi: 1.5 km

And a host of other archaeological monuments and unique beaches, beautiful towns and traditional villages that cause you to visit.

Located near the church of Agios Ilias, next to the magnificent, eternal Ionian Sea and far from the noises of everyday modernity. Ionianeon Apartments awaits you for an unforgettable holiday in one of the unique organic olive groves of Western Greece.